8 puppies born in about 2 hours
no time for coffe between pups; just madly help
Annie clean puppies.

4 boys - 2 merle, 2 tricolour
4 girls - 2 merle, 2 brindle point tricolour

These puppies are PRA proven
clear through their pedigree
Cwrt y Ci My Dark Magic

Cwrt y Ci My Blue Magic

"Starman Percival Pym"

Percy for short

named for David Bowie by his new owner
Cwrt y Ci My Dark Destiny

Cwrt y Ci My Dragon Prince
Devil Woman
Milady In Blue
Then there are the three
destined to be show dogs - the
appropriately named
Cwrt y Ci Me Imjust Truble

and the sisters "Jessica"
Cwrt y Ci Me Imdevil Woman
Cwrt y Ci Milady In Blue

so named because she was the
only lady (or gentleman) in the
litter;  now I'm not so sure; her
siblings are very good teachers.
Just for you   -   these puppies getting into mischief.
Uh Oh! Here's those kids of
mine again!!

Who's bright idea was this?!?!
Mischief is
our middle