To my mind, those Cardigan puppies who are of the best type spend the first 12 months or so trying to get their bodies together & gaining control of
their legs;  they are not neat, put together dogs as youngsters.  
They spent some time in 2005 getting to know the show ring, managing to win a class in group each & earning some points towards their titles.  
In 2006, all being well they will be seen around some of the show circuits.
Both Annie & Marty are tested clear
of PRA, therefore this litter is clear.
Dad  - Marty (Ch Kardibroke Kwik Smart),
owned & bred by Lyn Harris of Kardibroke
kennels in Victoria
Cwrt y Ci Dark Ofthe Moon
Cwrt y Ci Im Moon Shadow
1 week old
6 weeks old
9 mths old
May, 2006 (18 mths old) -  my faith in these 2 puppies has been justified;  a little more maturity is all that is now needed.
Who would’ve believed it!!?  I gained my title before my uppity brother;  and I won a
Class in Group or two as well.
On a lovely day at Canowindra Agricultural Show I happily said hello to the nice judge,
Mrs Arthur, and was given my challenge;  that gave me those last few points.  When it
came to the BOB bit I found a lady I had never seen before on the end of my lead. Her
name is Leslie;  she owns those little hairy dogs -  ummm Shelties, I believe.  
Anyway, I put my head up, my tail down, my best smile on & just zoomed around that
ring,  Mrs Arthur gave me Best of Breed.  Jude was not impressed!!  
I missed out in the group,  but  I think it was one of those hairy Shelties who beat me, so I
guess that is OK  -  they are rather nice.
The next weekend, the same nice Sheltie lady showed me for BOB.  I put my tail up, my
nose down & gave that ring a good vacuuming.  
After all I am entitled, I am now a CH!!
Gave the judge and all those watching a good laugh & put a smile back on the face of
brother dear;  he got Best of Breed.
I hope Pam still takes me to shows.  It is much more fun than staying at home with the old
girl & my crabby mother.

 CH Hannah
March 4, 2007
-  J
ude is now Ch Cwrt y Ci Dark Ofthe Moon.
Last weekend he went Best of Breed & Runner
to Best in Working Group to leave him 1 point
short of his title.  Today, a very hot, humid &
uncomfortable day, he again won the Dog CC to
give him that final elusive point.
2008 & Jude has gone to look after
a family (2 legs) of his own
2009 & Hannah has
kids of her own