A trip to Victoria to attend the Victoria Corgi Club show & the Sunbury Melbourne Cup weekend of shows resulted
in Bailey.  The last thing I needed was another dog but I took one look at and here he is  -  Bethwyn Red Dragon
The day I first saw him  (9 weeks old)
1 week later when he joined us for the trip home.
That was a 2 day trip  -  he coped like he had
been travelling for years

But then, I find that is the nature of the Cardigan
 -  give him half a chance & he will cope.
One of the things that attracts me to this breed is it's variety of colours.  Here in Australia at the moment good or for that matter any red/sable
Cardigans a few and far between, so to be able to acquire such a typy red & white who fits the standard so well is a dream come true.
Thankyou Sue & Jean for having the foresight to bring his father to Australia.
Bailey takes over his new home
& makes new friends
He's nearly 6 mths old & standing in a
show pose on the table is just not on!!!
Bailey delights in having guests.  He firmly believes that everyone was put on this earth to play with him
9 mths old, but he thinks being
a show dog is no fun at all.
Bailey is now
Aust Ch Bethwyn Red Dragon
Patience is a virtue, so they say.  If so, I am very virtuous!!!
I took one look at Bailey that day at the Victorian Corgi Club Show, found Sue & asked for him.  He settled into the trailer to travel home as though
it belonged to him & has treated this place as his & everyone he meets – 2 legs or 4 - as his best friend.

He had a few shows as a baby & then very few until the last few months

And I was patient!   He grew – first this bit, then that bit, then another bit;  sometimes his front didn’t belong to his rear, or his body was too long, or
his butt was nearly as high as his ears, or his middle didn’t match either his front or his rear & it all kept changing from week to week.  Some
wondered if I was nuts to keep him.  I just smiled to myself & waited – I was patient.

Now look what I have!  Ch Bailey  -  11½ inches tall, 22 inches long, every bit in it’s proper place – well almost & he still firmly believes everyone
was put on this earth to be his best friend.

On 30/9/2007, a day of strong soul destroying winds, at the Greater Western All Breeds Obedience & Herding Club Show Mr Martin (ACT) gave
him Best of Breed & his final points for his title.

Thankyou Sue for bringing the puppies for us to see that day;  thankyou for allowing me to have Bailey.
Cwrt y Ci Cardigan Welsh Corgwn