buuuuuuut we haven't been in the mud!!!!!
The first born son of Gandalf, one of Australia's top winning Cardis.

Jo quickly gained his Australian Champion title with a few nice Group wins along the way.  Then we decided to have a go at obedience, eventually
entering the Mudgee trials a couple of years ago.  About a month before these trials (July), Jo decided to try to get over a fence to visit Annie who was
in season.  He fell and injured his back, becoming paralysed in the back end.
He endured treatment and complete confinement, gradually regaining use of his back legs until he told me he had had enough of this cage.  
I gave him a ramp instead of the back steps, gradually weaned him off his medication & let him choose his own next steps.

The result is now a happy very active dog, who doesn't have complete control of his back legs but leads the pack on their twice daily gallop.  His gut is
a bit touchy & he will never enter a show ring again, but he will lead a full & active life for his allotted span.

In July, 2007 Annie was again in season & Jo pleaded to be let visit.  I gave in with the result that he had some fun, & Annie let me hold him for a slip
mating that lasted maybe 30 secs.  My back would not allow any longer.

About 6 weeks later I realized Annie was in whelp!!!  On day 63 she gave birth to 8 puppies - 2 hours from when the first one popped out to the last.  I
spent the time helping her clean & dry them  -  no time for coffee between puppies!!!!
We had 4 boys - 2 merle, 2 tricolour & 4 girls - 2 merle & 2 brindle pointed tricolour.

Jo thinks he is the ants pants, that the pups are OK but a bit of a pest.  We are going to go back to obedience training (his choice) &, if I can get my act
together, trialling.  He seems to cope with the jumps except the broad jump which to me is a bit of a worry, but, with the new rules we can avoid that.
Sam has a charming, mischevious personality, but he hated the show ring.
He still managed to gain his title probably because he is one of the soundest &
most perfectly proportioned Cardis I have seen.

He has retired to enjoy being a family pet.  Hopefully through his sister I will
keep his lovely type & proportion.
The boys have been joined by Ada -  Kardibroke Ice Inthe Sky