Then I saw Troy, Kyle, Sassy & Candy – lovely, litter mates from Maeve & sired by the super
Australian dog, Aust Ch Skybrae Imanikenof
Skybrae Stop Look N Envy (Troy),
the drop ear from this litter, sired a litter of
lovely puppies from which I was able to
acquire Linus.
When I find the photos of Skyes I have owned I will add them to this page for your enjoyment.
Then one day I went visiting
& saw this little 2 day old
puppy, so now I have Siobhan
Aust Ch Santlin Spreadin
Aust Ch Woodrush Spellbound
Aust Ch Cwrtyci Cryin
Inthe Rain
First I owned, bred, showed & trialled Cardigan
Welsh Corgwn.  Then, in early 1980's, I discovered
Skye Terriers.  When I moved from Sydney to my
home town of Orange my Skyes along with my Cardis
came with me.
I found Skyes a lovely breed to live with & they got
on very well with my Cardigans, so I acquired 1 or 2
more  – showed them, even trialled one & bred a few.
Drop ear skyes are my real love.  They are beautiful to look at & have a more laid back, relaxed attitude to life.
 One day!!!!!
2011 & Now I have Troy
Now  Skye Terriers are once again part of my
family & I am learning all over again what a fun
breed this is
I lost my last Skye in 2004 & because of work commitments etc didn’t replace him.

Then a few years ago I saw Lincoln, who I would have brought home with me then & there.  
Unfortunately he was unregistered, so I put Skyes to the back of my mind again.