Just 2 weeks old
Harry is 5 weeks old
here comes trouble!!
3 months old
This is no fun.  Me behave?  You have got to be kidding!!!!
Harry is 12 months old, but not yet all grown up.
On Saturday 18th October, 2008 at 13 months of age, Harry
earned his final points for his Australian Championship, so
now he is
Aust Ch Cwrt y Ci Me Imjust Truble.
By the following Tuesday his coat was coming out in handfuls.
 We just made it  -  I had to withdraw him from the rest of the
shows we had entered for 2008.  .A lanky teenage Cardi boy
loosing his coat for the first time is not a good look!!!!
This photo was taken during the week of his 1st birthday.
Come & look at this, Linus.
Its March, 2010 & Harry has made it to his 1st
obedience trial
Result   -  first in CCD & only dog to qualify.
It was raining when we were in the ring & raining more
heavily when we did our stays.  Many dogs failed
because they were not willing to sit/drop in the wet.  
Harry missed a couple of sits, but he did everything else
very well, winning the ring  -  he was the only dog to
qualify in his class
It's July 2010;  Harry will be 3 years old.in a couple of months
June, 2011
Harry is now Aust Ch Cwrtyci Me Imjust Truble CD
He gained his Novice Obedience (Companion Dog) title a 4th
& two 3rd placings
Harry with Linus,  his training partner in crime & some of their
loot from the weekend in June when Harry gained his CD title
& Linus his CCD title
During the down stay the other dogs all got up & went to their handlers, leaving Harry all on his lonesome in the rain,
but he stayed!!!
Aren't I just one stunning boy?!