Just 2 weeks old
She's 5 weeks old
showing just why she was named
Devil Woman
Jessica is 4 months old
and still into mischief
On 19th October, (the day after her brother, Harry,
gained his title), she gained that final point to become
Aust Ch Cwrtyci Me Imdevil Woman.  
They are 13 months & 5 days old.
Jessica is 12 months old, still a devil,
but looking very much the young lady.
I don't know who would have been more
upset, me or Jessica, if I had been unable
to keep her.  Maybe she is not pick of the
litter, but from the very first she decided I
was hers, so she stayed.
She was the first born, has been the first to
explore, the first into mischief but the last to
get her ears up!!
Gimme that cheese!!!!!!!!!!!ll
You've got to be
Me, stand nicely!!
It's July 2010;  Jessica will be 3 years old.in a couple of months.
It's before sun up on a frosty morning & she is as playful & full
of mischief as ever.
October, 2011
Jessica is now a mum  -  see her puppies
She has just been
bathed to celebrate the
New Year