These puppies are PRA proven clear through their pedigree
born on 9/10/11

3 boys, 6 girls

Mum is Jessica  
Aust Ch Cwrtyci Me Im Devil Woman
Dad is Leo
Aust Ch Cwrtyci Rhythms Untapped
The colours as best as I could tell  -  they were
anywhere between 6 & 2 days premature, so the hair
on the points was not necessarily well developed.

The girls  -  2 blue merle, 4 black

The boys  -  1 sable, 2 black

The blacks
-  1 black may have been merle, rather cryptic
-  2 blacks were tricolour
-  3 blacks were brindle point tricolour
The arrival of these puppies was a very traumatic event for both Jess & myself.  Jess became very ill close to time the litter was due  -  probably from
something she ate.  She is a scavenger & when let into the garden for a walk could have found something dropped by a bird, a frog or??????  I have
been since told that a virus making dogs rather ill was going around at the time -  who knows!!!!!!
To save her life an emergency caesarean was done which resulted in 9 unexpectedly live puppies  -  some of these puppies required a lot of effort to get
them breathing, but I went home with a groggy Jess & live puppies.  That night Jess had milk for them & I was on poo duty.  Two days later we started to
lose puppies & our best efforts could not save 7 of them.
We were left with 2 puppies, who Jess, with as much help as I could give her, has raised to a healthy, lively 5 weeks.  Needless to say when I lost all the
others there was no way these two survivors are going anywhere
We are 1 day old
Henry & Dora
We didn't make it
1 week old
10 days old
3 weeks

and I am starting to breathe again
I have even named them
Henry & Dora
4 weeks

our eyes & ears are open & we are
getting our feet under us
5 weeks old

we are starting to explore
I am now confident enough that
they are going to thrive, that I
am game to tell people that we
have puppies

Up until now I have been too
afraid that I will jinx things if I
introduce them.
Dance With Me Henry
Dance To The Rhythm
The Theme
(most of my names follow such a theme, especially in more recent times)
Cwrtyci River Dance
Dwyfor Tap Dog
Cwrtyci Rhythms of Ireland     (Laura)
Cwrtyci Rhythms Untapped     (Leo)   
Cwrtyci Rhythm of the Dance  (Edith)
Leo's kids
Cwrtyci Dance With Me Henry   (Henry)
Cwrtyci Dance To the Rhythm     (Dora)
The Irish Dance
troupe, River Dance,
was in Australia at the
time of her registration
The Tap Dogs  - the Australian
Tap Dance troupe  -  a group of
men who tap dance on a
wooden stage in work clothes &
The Irish Dance troupe, Rhythms of Ireland, was in
Australia at the time of her registration

Rhythms Untapped & Rhythm of the Dance are Irish
Dance troupes
The dance troupe theme ran out, but the dance music  
theme continues

Dance With Me Henry  -  an Etta James rhythm & blues
song from the 1960's.  Originally Roll With Me Henry, but
certain sections of the community considered this too
suggestive, so it became Wallflower or Dance with Me

Dance To the Rhythm -  a rhythm & blues song by The
Untouchables from the 1980's.
Cwrtyci Smokyjo
Jo's kids
Me Imjust Truble           (Harry)    
Me Imdevil Woman       (Jessica)
Milady In Blue               (Jessica)
Cwrtyci Dance With Me Henry   (Henry)
Cwrtyci Dance To the Rhythm     (Dora)
a magician
Blue mage (a magician),
not blue image
The wildest, wickedest tribe of kids I have ever reared,
except for 1 very ladylike bitch (
Milady in Blue)
The others followed the magic theme beginning with M
Both Etta James & The Untouchables were rhythm &
blues artists.
Well we've made it to a fit & healthy 9 weeks of age.  Whether or not we will be show dogs remains to be seen.

Whatever made Jessie ill has affected these 2 surviving puppies  -  they are about 1½  to 2 weeks behind in
development, both physical & mental.  They may never develop into show dogs, but are mentally now becoming
normal inquisitive, naughty puppies.

In my back garden where Jessie was allowed to exercise I have found a large lump of fat (? thrown in or dropped by
a bird) and decomposed carcases of black birds.  I know these birds are an introduced species & a pest in the
garden -  they scratch/pull up seedlings & generally make a nuisance of themselves.  I put  'bird cages' over
seedlings to keep them out until the plants are established, but maybe locals are poisoning them.
Although mum has plenty of milk, it doesn't
seem to be nutritious, so they are being
supplemented from a bottle.  They are
holding their own, but not growing much.
We get in a bit of a mess,
but can drink from a bowl.
Mum is good at washing our
We are now starting to make
real progress in the growing

We are 6 weeks old & although still only half pints are developing nicely, both
physically & mentally.

We are 12 weeks old & would you believe it we have made up all that size  -  from half pints
at 6 weeks to normal size at 12 weeks!!!!!!
26/1/12   -   Dora left for her new home in Sydney