Meet Katie.  She arrived here on Thursday 19/1/12 from Bendigo.
And some introduction to Orange it was!!!!!!  A thunderstorm, which I was worried would stop the plane from
landing and a run through the pouring rain to the car.  She was not fazed by the thunder & lightning, but was not
impressed by the rain.
29/1/12  -  Thursday I threatened to tape that ear - I figured
a week was long enough to get her act together;  Friday morning it
was up  -  went up & down during the day.  Saturday it stayed
up & now look at her  -  2 lovely ears & those stunningly dark
October, 2012
She finally made it into the show ring!!!
Only a couple of shows this year
though., but we will give 2013 a go.
She is 14 months old.
Still losing coat  -  looks like more grooming needed!!!!