his dad
Skybrae Stop Look n Envy
about 9 months old
He now is part of the Cwrt y Ci family
Linus came home when he was 8 weeks old & promptly attempted to make
himself  king of the woodpile.  My Cardis, being well brought up people with
endless patience, suffered his nonsense, but I didn’t!!
After many conflicts of wills & stand-offs, he has now learnt that I am
queen of this woodpile & his position is several logs down from the top.  
Now he learns new tricks, both good & bad, very quickly – lead training took
all of 2 lessons;  thumping on the back door usually opens it, took 2 lessons
from Harry (1 smart Cardigan boy).
He is now 3 months old.
2 weeks later & our ears are on the way up!
Now he is a big bad show
He is 6 months old & learning about tunnels
8 months old & showing very nicely
He is 12 months old & the Cardi girls have been in season, so he
was banished to the kennels.
He threw a hissy fit, complained at the top of his voice & rubbed his
facial coat off.  Now we have to wait for the coat to grow back
before we show again.
It's July 2010;  
Linus is learning his obedience exercises.  He has competed 3 times in CCD
for 1 qualification & 2 messed up.  He is distracted by all the interesting smells
on the grounds.
He is doing very well considering he has only had 2 lessons outside our yard &
is supposed to use his nose to track those possums, rabbits etc - after all,as a
Skye Terrier, that is his job!!
It is fun playing retrieve with bits of hose etc, but the dumbbell  -  no thanks!!!!
June, 2011
Linus is now Wanmirri Ragamuffin Man CCD
He gained his Community Companion Dog title a 1st & a
3rd placing
Linus with Harry,  his training partner in crime & some of
their loot from the weekend in June when Harry gained his
CD title & Linus his CCD title
He has learnt to ignore those distracting smells  -  well most
of the time!!!
August, 2011
Linus is now
Aust Ch Wanmirri Ragamuffin Man CCD
At Mudgee & District Kennel & Obedience Club
on Saturday, 6th August he gained his final points for
his Australian Championship by winning Best in
Terrier Group (Group 1)
We managed just 7 shows this year for  -  
    5 Classes in Group
    2 Runner - up to Best in Group
    1 Best in Group
He has a happy outgoing disposition, firmly believes that all dogs were put on this earth to play with him, if it has feathers
chase it & all people are to be kissed & cuddled.  Not the most typical of Skye temperaments, but it sure does win him
lots of friends.
I do not want my picture taken!!!!!