Jessica is 5 weeks old
She is 2 months old

and learning to stand nicely
1st January, 2008

Jessica's last night
at Cwrt y Ci
Jessica has gone to live in Finland with Hinni Welin of Myth Makers Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

Just to confuse everyone, Hinni's daughter chose Jessica as her call name, so we have the "sisters Jessica"
This puppy was named Milady because she is the only lady (or
gentleman) in the litter.  She waits to be asked to play, to be patted,
to be picked up or to come through a doorway.
Harry, Jessica & Ada have successfully taught her to be as naughty
as themselves, but, I think, she will still always be a lady.
3 months old
Aren't I just the pretty one?
I think I need a little more
practice, but I can do it!!
I just need to manage these ears.
2nd January,
2008 Tuesday

She is on her way
Saturday, 5th January, Jessica arrives in Helsinki, to meet her
new owners, the Welins.  She happily begins her new life with
games with her new Cardi friends Viivi, Kalle and Myytti
To find Jessica in Finland
Just 2 weeks old