Cwrt y Ci Cardigan Welsh Corgwn &  Skye Terriers

6th February, 2010        Rydal A H & P Association

Cardigan Welsh Corgi        Edith  (Cwrtyci Rhythm Of The Dance) at her very first show, went Puppy in Group

21st February, 2010        Oberon Show Society

Skye Terrier                        Siobhan   (Ashjay White Heather)    Junior in Group

6th March, 2010        Bathurst Royal

Cardigan Welsh Corgi       Harry  (Aust Ch Cwrtyci Me Imjust Truble) at his first obedience trial In CCD  -  1st place

10th May, 2010        Bathurst & District Kennel Club

Skye Terrier         My lovely Skye girl, Siobhan (Ashjay White Heather)  
 gained her final points to become Aust Ch Ashjay White Heather.  
               In doing so she went
Intermediate in Group both days
Its autumn.  
The sun is just coming up (about 7 AM);  just a light frost so it's going to be a beautiful day.
13th June about  7.15 AM                           A lovely winter's morning  

The best frost we have had so far this winter  -  had to break the ice in the sink in the kennel kitchen
Is a nice change from grey, drizzly days or days of rain.   I shouldn't complain  -  the rains have been
lovely for the garden, but not enough to create run off to fill our dams.  
Despite a comparatively wet autumn & early winter the water supply of Orange is still only about 24%!!!!!!!  
We need some of those flooding rains that have been received elsewhere.

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26 th June, 2010                  Macarthur Dog Training Club

Skye Terrier                         Linus  (Wanmirri Ragamuffin Man) qualified at his first obedience trial In CCD.  
                                  The following day at Deer Bush Dog Training Club the smell, possibly of possums, was just too much
                                  & he just had to follow it instead of finishing his recall.
4th July, 2010                Illawarra Dog Training Club

Harry & Linus made the long trip to Wollongong (5 1/2 hr) to compete in the
Illawarra Dog Training Club Trial.  Left home in cold wet weather;  arrived to a
lovely, cool & sunny weekend.  The tourist park where we stayed is right on the
beach  -  a new experience for my boys.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi   

Harry (Aust Ch Cwrtyci Me Imjust Truble) qualified in CCD & came
3rd in his class

Skye Terrier                 Linus managed to find the smells etc more interesting than his
                      recall.  We need some practice!!!
Friday, 6th, Saturday, 7th & Sunday 8th August  

Mudgee & District Kennel Club Shows & Trials


Skye            Linus (Wanmirri Ragamuffin Man) was
Terrier        awarded Intermediate in Group on Sunday
In the conformation rings this weekend
Harry (Aust Ch Cwrtyci Me Imjust Truble)
is now Aust Ch Harry CCD.

On Saturday he gained his final qualification & 4th
place to give him his Community Companion Dog
(CCD) title.

Leo (Cwrtyci Rhythms Untapped) gained
some more points towards his conformation title