Friday 29th April, 2011

Troy arrived by plane from Melbourne.  

Troy is a most beautiful drop ear Skye Terrier &
Linus' father.  
Sunday 1st May, 2011

We (Linus, Troy, Siobhan) went to Sydney (Erskine Park) for some Earth Dog Training.  I needed to learn & to find out if Linus was able
& willing to go through a 9 inch wooden tunnel (he is about 12 in at the withers).  He managed no problem  -  must have been on his
elbows & knees!!  Siobhan also had a go & Troy had a look.
Now I have to build some tunnels so we can practice & find out if he can manage corners.  
As the NSW Working Dog Club show & herding tests were on the same day on the same grounds I entered Leo in the show.  Most
dissapointingly we were the only Cardis there.

I was watching the herding tests while waiting for the Terriers to arrive & realized that as Leo was entered in the show I could
enter him in herding.  He had never seen sheep & never allowed to herd/chase the chooks so I expected him to be more
interested in the sheep poo (he is a food alcoholic) or run & hide from these smelly, bossy sheep.
He left that ring with his Herding Instinct Certificate
For varying reasons we have not managed to make it to many events so far this year.  Missed the Royal, missed the Corgi Shows,
but did make it to a couple of local shows & to a trial in Sydney on a very wet day.
Friday, 6th & Saturday, 7th May, 2011

Linus (Skye Terrier) was awarded Runner-up to Best in Group (Group 2)  both days
This is not a title, so no letters after his name, but it means that he can now be entered in herding trials.
Looks like I will have to get some more ducks so we can do some training.  I don't have access to sheep within reasonable
travelling time  -  it is about 3 - 4 hours to Erskine Park & training, so that can only happen occasionally.
Friday, 6th May, 2011

Leo (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) gained his final points for his breed title.
He is now
Australian Champion Cwrtyci Rhythms Untapped.
Thursday, 12th May, 2011

It snowed last night!!!!  
Not heavily & it is now melting, but it is still
Autumn, not Winter!!

We don't often get snow here that settles.  
When we do it is light, disappears quickly & is
usually much later in the year.
Saturday, 21st May, 2011

Harry qualified 3rd in Novice obedience
Harry in action  -  recall
Saturday, 25th June, 2011

at Macarthur Dog Training Club
Skye Terrier  -  Linus

- in CCD  -  qualified.
4 dogs on 93 points, count back could not separate the dogs, so a quick heeling pattern to sort
them out  =  Linus 3rd

Harry  -  Cardigan Corgi

in Novice  -  qualified
-  3 dogs on 188 for 2nd place.  On count back Harry was placed 3rd .
Sunday, 26th June, 2011

at Deer Bush Dog Training Club
- in CCD  -  qualified  in 1st place  =  his title.  He is now Linus CCD

Half way through heeling pattern the Judge started laughing -  the command was drop  -  Linus had his
elbows & chest on the ground, his bum in the air & his tail wagging  -  a perfect bow.

On stand for exam, he had his nose on the ground the whole time, but didn’t move a foot  =  full
Deer bush has lots of trees, rabbits & possums, so very smelly.  

Harry  -  Cardigan Corgi
-  in Novice  -  qualified in 4th place  =  his title.  He is now Harry CD

He sometimes has issues with stand for examination  -  I had to fish him out of the trailer & go almost
straight into the ring, so expected him to blow his stand for exam.  I was so, so proud of him  -  he was
as steady as a rock.  He missed some sits in his heeling pattern, so lost points, but he still earned
himself 4th place.
The boys with some of their
loot from the weekend
We all know our Cardis are versatile, they excel in obedience, agility, herding, but did you know they can also dance?
The sport lends itself to light on their feet breeds like Border Collies, Aussie Shepherds & Poodles, but many other breeds were there
presenting very enjoyable performances, including our Shandy.
I believe Shandy is the only Dancing Cardi in Oz, maybe the only Dancing Corgi.
She just missed out on qualifying in Freestyle Starters, finding it a little difficult to keep her whole attention on Niccola & ignore the
audience, but did she have fun!!!   
There are 2 sections to this sport  -  Heelwork to Music, where most of the routine must consist of heeling whether it be beside the
handler (left or right side), in front of or behind the handler and Freestyle where almost anything goes.
For beginner dogs & probably the experienced dogs, too, the atmosphere must make it very hard to concentrate.  If you have watched
Dancing with the Stars on TV, just imagine a similar set up on a smaller scale  -  indoors, a carpet floor, audience down 1 side of the ring,
judge’s table at ringside (3 judges), cameras, applause as you enter the ring, the dead quiet & expectation as you take your place & then
the music begins.
Careful choice of the music & moves to suit the dog seem, to me, to be the difference between a good routine & a very good routine &
then, of course, comes the hours of training to put that routine together.
I found the whole event entertaining & fascinating to watch.  The total concentration on the faces of both the handlers & the dogs, the
obvious enjoyment of the dogs & the delight of the handlers when the routine was completed whether it was a good or not so good
performance & the unstinted support of the audience for all the dogs made the whole day very enjoyable for me as a spectator.
24th July, 2011

I had the opportunity to go to Erskine Park last weekend to watch Dances with Dogs & to
join the cheer squad for a Dancing Cardi  -  Aust Ch Milnholm Carnival Queen CCD owned
by Niccola Hardaker.  Shandy didn’t qualify, so her results do not go up elsewhere, but,  I
believe, just competing is a result in itself.
7th August, 2011
Linus is now Aust Ch Wanmirri Ragamuffin Man CCD

At Mudgee & District Kennel & Obedience Club on Saturday, 6th
August he gained his final points for his Australian Championship
by winning Best in Terrier Group (Group 1)

We managed just 7 shows this year for  -  
  5 Classes in Group
  2 Runner-up to Best in Group
  1 Best in Group
The following day at the same shows Laura
gained her final points to become
Aust Ch Cwrtyci Rhythms of Ireland.

She now joins her brother Leo & her sister
Wren as an Australian Champion.
I have finally obtained a photo of Wren!!

She is
Aust Ch Cwrtyci Magical Rhythms, sister of Leo & Laura,
who lives in Sydney & owns Heather & Cord

Wren started her life here as Louise, then changed her name to Wren
when she joined Heather's household.

Wren was the first of this litter to gain her Championship (in May) & now
is well on her way to becoming a tracking Cardi passing her TD1 track in
July with a grade of excellent
17/9/11  -  update

Wren now has her first pass in CCD (Community Companion Dog)
20th September, 2011
Some exciting news from Niccola.
Shandy  is now
Aust Ch Milnholm Carnival Queen CCD, DWDFS.  At the weekend she gained two Freestyle passes for her
Freestyle title (DWDFS), 1 pass in Heelwork to Music with three 2nd placings.
1st October, 2011

Edith, Cwrtyci Rhythm of the Dance
awarded Intermediate in Group at the Greater
Western All Breeds  Obedience & Agility Club show

As the day was cold & wet, I would usually have
chickened out, but, as it is one the few local shows &
the weatherman was saying damp not wet, we went.
The arrival of these puppies was a very traumatic event for both Jess & myself.  Jess became very ill close to time the litter was due  -  probably from
something she ate.  She is a scavenger & when let into the garden for a walk could have found something dropped by a bird, a frog or??????   I have
been since told that a virus making dogs rather ill was going around at the time -  who knows!!!!!!

To save her life an emergency caesarean was done which resulted in 9 unexpectedly live puppies  -  some of these puppies required a lot of effort to get
them breathing, but I went home with a groggy Jess & live puppies.  That night Jess had milk for them & I was on poo duty.  Two days later we started to
lose puppies & our best efforts could not save 7 of them.
We were left with 2 puppies, who Jess, with as much help as I could give her, has raised to a healthy, lively 5 weeks.  Needless to say when I lost all the
others there was no way these two survivors are going anywhere

My apologies to all those people who were waiting for a puppy from this litter.  In all the years of breeding Cardis, my girls have had 3 or maybe 4 litters
born by caesarean & that was usually because they carried so many puppies.  They just get on with the job & I supply a little help in cleaning etc when
The colours as best as I could tell  -  they were
anywhere between 5 & 2 days premature, so the
hair on the points was not necessarily well

The girls  -  2 blue merle, 4 black

The boys  -  1 sable, 2 black

The blacks
-  1 black may have been merle, rather cryptic
-  2 blacks were tricolour
-  3 blacks were brindle point tricolour
12th November, 2011

Edith, Cwrtyci Rhythm of the Dance is now an Australian Champion.

She has now breathed a sigh of relief  -  getting bathed, groomed etc to go into a show ring only to have some stranger poke her about
is not her idea of a good time.  She would much rather stay nice & grubby, chase rabbits or even go to obedience training.
We are 1 day old, but didn't make it to the end of the week
Henry & Dora, the 2 who made it.
No more shows or trials for us this year

Time to play puppies
perfect our training ready for the trial & show season next year
get our garden under control
& think about Christmas
Jessica & Leo had puppies,
born on 9/10/11
See Henry & Dora on their own page