Well, 2012 has been a year to forget.
My health started to go downhill & I thought "if this is getting old, I don't want to know!!!"

I lost Dusty & had to place Edith, Dora & Henry.

Because I was unable to groom the Skyes, they visited the groomer, who probably does a marvellous job
on pets but had no idea how to groom a show dog to keep the coat in show condition!!!!  This means that
Troy's re-entry into the show ring has been put back at least 12 months!!!

Katie managed a couple of shows in October, but I was jumping the gun & found them exhausting.

Many tests later it was found that I had colon cancer.  I think I was beyond being devastated (I had
never considered cancer).  At least I now knew what was wrong.

Surgery in August and my recovery began.  It has taken me 'til now (end of November) to start to get
my strength back.  I think it is more the drain put on my body by the cancer more than the surgery itself
that has made recovery slower than I would like.  I can still see things, especially my skin, repairing
I have been told by friends to "have patience, don't push yourself so hard, your strength will come back".  
So patient I have been;  last week all my blood tests were up to normal.

My bike is putting the strength back into my legs;  my garden is strengthening long unused other muscles.

Now me & my crew are starting back to training, with the view to competing in the Obedience, Rally-O
& a little in the Conformation rings next year.
I am feeling good.  
Clyde comes home to us