Dad - Falkor
Aust Ch Brightspot Falkor
Ashjay Charlies Angel
I will not pose for a photograph!!!!!
When I went visiting & saw these pups at 2 days old, the thought of
buying a pup from this litter never crossed my mind.  Naturally I took a
few photos, because that is what one does.
On the way home it suddenly hit me - "I really do like that cream bitch;
 I wonder if Wendy will let me have her"
She is now 8 weeks
old & meets Linus
Linus is so, so good with her.  She is quite a handful, but he
never makes her cry out, no matter how much she hurts him.
She is very much a little madam & her teeth are very sharp.
10 weeks old.
It has been raining for days &
now I am out to play in the
sunshine & wet grass
3 months old
Exploring with Jessica
A few happy snaps
That's Harry  -  he thinks
she is a bit of alright!!
Siobhan has gained her Australian
Champion title in May, so she is now
Aust Ch Ashjay White Heather
I have finally been able to get a nice
photo of her

Who's that going past our gate?
Aust Ch Ashjay White
Modelling  her summer suit